The equipe of professionals

Antonio Foti

P.IVA: 01500770019
Cod. fisc.: FTO NTN 41L17 A253C

Daniela Margherita Russo

P.IVA: 08106670014
Cod. fisc.: RSS DLM 73E57 L219Q

Maria Elena Parlatano

P.IVA: 11054680019
Cod. Fisc: PRL MLN 77H47 G674W

Sheila Foti

P.IVA: 07207100012
Cod. fisc.: FTO SHL 70S50 L219G

Alessandro Sena

P.IVA: 10906210017
Cod. fisc.: SNE LSN 85R23 A522B

Rubina Sturniolo

Enrichetta Cosentino

All the professionals of the firm are obviously committed to respecting the Forensic Code of Ethics currently in force which can be consulted on the website of the “Ordine degli Avvocati di Torino”